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Industrial Deafness causes workplace Disability and Costs Dollars

Industrial deafness is the cause  of the most common permanent workplace disability in Australia.

Access Economic report found the cost of hearing loss is in the $billions:

  • “The financial cost does not take into account the net cost of the loss of well being (disease burden) associated with hearing loss, which is a further$11.3 billion.”
  • “The largest financial cost component is productivity loss, which accounts for well over half (57%) of all financial costs ($6.7 billion)” 
  • To read the complete Access Economic report called “LISTEN HEAR” click on this link Access Economics Report 2006

Noise and hearing loss will be costing your business money in lost productivity  and health of your employees.

Work safety written on sticky note

Hearing at work is a safety issue

How to Manage Noise in the Workplace

To successfully manage noise in your workplace requires a total Noise Injury Prevention (N.I.P.) Program

A  complete N.I.P. Program consists of:

  • Identifying the noise hazard – sound level survey report
  • Where possible reduce noise exposure with administrative rostering changes
  • Reduce noise levels with engineering changes
  • Where employees are still noise exposed conduct baseline hearing screens
  • Supply and manage appropriate of personal protective equipment to prevent industrial deafness.  Earmuffs and earplugs need to be individually prescribed to be successfully used by employees
  • Monitor hearing to measure the success of the noise injury prevention program.
  • Conduct  education programs to ensure compliance in the N.I.P. program
  • Where change in hearing is detected then a workplace review is required to assess what the problem is and why

Benefits of Successful N.I.P. program

A successful N.I.P. program prevents hearing loss and saves money in lost productivity…it is NOT about ticking a box for conducting a hearing screening program and then filing the results in the bottom drawer.

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