Service Areas and Industries


Sound Advice Tasmania provides hearing-related services across Tasmania to a wide range of industries where workplace noise impacts workers, the workplace, productivity and company profits.

Industrial Deafness causes workplace Disability and Costs Dollars

Our Services Include:

Where can we travel to?Working with Hearing protection ear muffs

Our fully equipped mobile screening vehicle and our hearing screenning professional have clocked up a lot of kilometres, seen Tasmania’s stunning scenery and met the best of Tasmania’s workplace workers, managers and owners.

Scotsdale, Dover, Smithton, Port Arthur, Triabanna, Wynyars, Launceston, Burnie, Ulverstone, Devonport, Castle Forbes Bay, Hobart, Glenorchy and Brighton appear in our log books. Sound Advice Tasmania supports hearing health in both Northern and Southern Tasmania.

What Industries and Settings do we work with?

Sound Advice Tasmania works with people, places, equipment and noise.  If you have any of those factors then we have probably interacted with your industry or setting.

Industrial deafness affects many industries beyond the obvious settings of mining, manufacturing and construction. Fishing, agriculture, horticulture and even viticulture with the scaling up of mechanisation have moved into the damaging noise categories.

Council, health support and hospitality workers are also at risk of noise related injury. The music and arts sector also brings special challenges for on-stage and backstage participants.


Sound Advice Tasmania is committed to providing on-site hearing screening and noise management services across Tasmania. At-risk industries are varied and diverse. Our commitment to hearing health remains the same across all industries.

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