Why do I need a hearing screen test? Occupational Health & Safety obligations require all workers exposed to noise over 85 dBA for 8 hours a day to have their hearing screened every 2 years…

Why is Noise is a Problem in the Workplace? Working in noise can cause a wide range of physical and emotional responses.   Employees may complain about noise for a number of reasons. ..

Can wearing the wrong type of hearing protection be dangerous to your hearing and safety? Hearing protection is NOT a one size fits all. Earmuffs, earplugs and protection levels and…

Sound Advice does more than just test hearing. We interpret and give practical advice on the test results. Screening hearing of noise exposed workers should NOT be just a tick box exercise every two years…

Why  choose Sound Advice Tasmania?

Sound Advice Tasmania provides on-site hearing screening and noise management services across Tasmania.

Mobile service

We have a fully equipped mobile testing vehicle that can come to your location. Our mobile hearing screening facility is more than a computer program in a quiet office.

Multi-industry scope

Our staff  are experienced across many industries, including mining, fishing, agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture and construction.

Service across Tasmania

Our staff and senior Audiological consultant are based in Tasmania. We are familiar with the issues affecting workers and companies across the state.

Further services

Sound Advice Tasmania Incorporated is partnered with the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing. Assistance beyond our mobile services are available at our Hobart and Launceston clinics.

Company Bookings

Arranging employees to attend on-site hearing screening can take a lot of time and effort by office staff.  Our Sound Advice staff understand the need to reduce disruption to productivity. We can help reduce the frustration for everyone involved…Read more

Prevention & Education

Education is the key to prevention of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus Sound Advice professionals can help workers to understand what they need to do to protect themselves from noise injury. Beneath workers’ jokes are serious hearing issues…Read more

Education and Information