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Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd has been providing on-site hearing screening and noise management services since 1985.  Sound Advice has the expertise and experience to help prevent your workers from losing their hearing. Hearing loss is not an inevitable side effect of working in a noisy environment.  It is NOT normal to lose your hearing but it is common.

Qualified & Specialized Hearing Advice

Susan Grenness is our senior Audiological consultant for Sound Advice Tasmania.  She has consulted to every type of work place sector that has noise issues in Tasmania for over 30 years.  Susan has been involved in many forums as an advocate to prevent workplace hearing loss.  She has been on national and state government committees, consulted with union, employer and insurance groups and regularly asked to give opinion in medico-legal cases that involve hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Susan and her team understand how hearing loss affects a person’s ability to keep safe and work effectively. There are many myths and misinformation around hearing loss and workplace noise.

Long term hearing loss has a significant impact on brain health and can have severe consequences on workplace and family relationships.

Our Staff

Sound Advice Tasmania is staffed by Audiologists, Audiometrist, Noise Consultant and Industrial Hearing Screeners.  We provide practical workplace based advice that aims to educate and prevent one of the most common workplace injuries in Australia.

Nationally recognised qualifications

Our screening tests and noise reports comply with  all aspects of AS 1269.  Our staff qualifications are recognised by all hearing related agencies such as Medicare, Office of Hearing Services and Audiological organisations.

You do not need to be qualified to conduct hearing screening in Tasmania.  As an employer you only have to believe that the person doing the testing is capable of doing so.  This unfortunately does not protect or help you if the tests conducted do not meet AS 1269 and comply in a court of law.

Having tests done that meet the standard may take 5 minute more but being done properly is essential to being recognised in court and not wasting time and money.

We Develop Solutions

Developing industrial deafness should not be considered a normal part of the job…but it is common because of lack of understanding on how to customise workplace solutions.  Not developing a permanent noise induced hearing loss is much better than needing to use hearing aids.

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