Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection Sign

Hearing protection must be worn when entering a workplace with this sign

Did you know that wearing the wrong type of hearing protection is dangerous to your hearing and safety?

Hearing protection is NOT a one size fits all.

Earmuffs and earplugs all have different protection levels and the result can change dramatically on individual heads.

Hearing protection should not be selected on the price is right and we like the color blue from off the shelf!

To select the correct protective equipment the following information needs to be considered:

  • Type and level of noise
  • Degree of hearing loss and ear health
  • Other protective equipment that also needs to be worn
  • Environment
  • Cost
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Comfort

Not taking this information into account when purchasing hearing protection means often that the wrong type of hearing protection is provided.

Every time a worker lifts off their hearing protection to hear instructions …puts their hearing at risk. Mishearing instructions can be dangerous or cause costly production mistakes.

Is your workforce hearing safely? Sound Advice Tasmania has the expertise to provide the right advice to address all the issues that can prevent the successful use of hearing protection.

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