Hearing Screening

Why do you need a hearing screen test?

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Hearing Testing is required to monitor the effectiveness of noise protection program

Hearing testing is required to monitor the effectiveness of noise prevention program

Occupational Health & Safety obligations require all workers exposed to noise over 85 dBA for 8 hours a day to have their hearing screened every 2 years.  Hearing screening is the only way to tell if  the preventative measures being used for occupational noise to protect employees are working.

Conducting hearing screens every 2 years then filing the results in the bottom drawer is a waste of time and money.  This does not prevent a worker from developing a noise induced hearing loss. Having a hearing test that identifies early changes to hearing is important. Preventing hearing loss makes a big difference to quality of life.

After conducting hearing screens that meet AS1269 standards…Sound Advice Tasmania analyze and provide detailed written reports that identifies who is having hearing problems but may not realize it yet!

All hearing results are reviewed by University trained Audiologists. Our staff have the expertise to identify who is having hearing difficulties that will affect their performance in the workplace and provide solutions to keep individuals safe.

Hearing loss due to noise is 100 % preventable.  It is not normal to lose your hearing but it is common.  The only way you can tell if your hearing protection is working is to have your hearing tested every two years.  Early identification of changes to your hearing due to noise is important.

Lifting off your earmuff because you can’t hear is not a solution

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Lifting off your earmuff because you can’t hear is not a solution

A review of your hearing protection is needed if your hearing is changing.  This means that either your hearing protection is not being worn often enough OR you are wearing the wrong level of protection OR the condition of your hearing protection is not adequate.

If you are having hearing difficulties when wearing your hearing protection and you need to lift off to hear then using communication earmuffs will make a difference.

Communication earmuffs enable a person to hear speech but protect against loud sounds. There are different communication earmuffs that connect directly to  communication devices such as mobile phones, two way radios etc

There are solutions to hearing difficulties when wearing hearing protection but expert advice is needed to provide the right type of protection.

Hearing screening results have a significant effect on the best type of hearing protection that should be worn.  Ignoring the hearing screen results when selecting hearing protection will result in workers not wearing the issued PPE.  Not being able to hear when wearing hearing protection makes workers feel unsafe.  Industrial trained Audiologists understand the significance of hearing loss in the workplace and the use of hearing protection.

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